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  1. Many thanks to all of you who have written to me. I am doing better, but I still miss my dogs. Perhaps the answer is another rescue who has had a life not so good , that I could make better. Having dogs my whole life, it seems odd to me not having a dog. It has been six months, and I have cried many tears. Perhaps it is getting to be time for me to open my heart again to a dog who needs me. Thanks for listening, as many do not understand the love one has for their dog, and dismiss it as silly, or not worth crying about. Those are the ones who do not understand the love and devotion a
  2. You have been so kind to many on this thread, including me, and I thank you for that !! Losing a dog who is much loved is very hard. It is 6 months since I lost my dog, and I still cry, and am unsure if I will get another. I will you strength for your son and daughter-in-law as well as for you, since the near future will be very hard. We have them for such a short time compared to our lives, but they give us so much. My best to you.
  3. Leftover, Thanks for sending the pictures of your dogs !! They are beautiful, and look so happy !!
  4. To Leftover, I am so happy for you that you now have Gracie. I can only hope the same happy outcome for me.
  5. Thanks to those of you who have written. "A Dog's Last Will and Testament" brought tears to my eyes, as my Annie was a rescue. Each day will be better, I hope. Thank you for caring.
  6. It is now 4 months since my dog died. Am I better ? Not really, as I couldn't stop crying tonight, as I miss her very much. Time is slow; do I get another dog ??? I do not know if I can go through this great pain again. I guess only time will tell if am able to allow another dog to capture my heart. If you have any words of wisdom, let me know. Thank you in advance.
  7. I couldn't initially watch this as my grief was so over whelming after losing two dogs in two years. We, as dog or animal lovers, have to live through the pain and reach out to others with our grief, as I have. Thanks to all of you who have listened to my great pain, and helped me through this very difficult time. I believe that I am slowly getting better.
  8. I wish i could say that I no longer grieve over the death of my two beautiful labs, but it isn't true. I wish that I could say that I have found peace, but I have not. I know that time will be the great healer, but time is slow. I cry as I write this, and still am not sure I can ever allow another dog in my life. Dogs are wonderful, but their life is so much shorter than ours. I have endured the death of many dogs; never have they died on their own, as I have had to endure euthanasia. Those who have had animals die on their own know the peace that comes from the animal dying on its' o
  9. I lost my almost three year old rescue dog 6 weeks ago today; it is very hard. I lost my 12 1/2 year old dog a little over 2 years ago. I wish I could tell you that you will soon feel no pain; but, it is not true. Dog people understand, but others do not. Keep coming here and read others' posts, as it helps. At this point I do not feel I can get another dog, as I feel like I cannot go through this great pain again. Know that others feel and understand your great pain and know that time, however slow, is the great healer. Try to get enough sleep, stay with your routine, and know that ot
  10. Today is the day that we rescued our beautiful Annie 2, a yellow lab, 2 years ago. Annie would be about three today, still a young dog. I do not understand why she had to die about six weeks ago from an inoperable tumor, and why we had to endure this grief again after losing our other lab, a little over two years ago at the age of 12 1/2. I thought our second Annie would have a long life, as well. I miss them both, being a dog person all my life. I am happy that we were able to rescue Annie 2 and give her almost two years of long walks and much love, but my heart still is broken. Thank
  11. Blake, You are very lucky to have a dog at home, as we do not. Give your other dog special love and attention, as she mourns her good friend, as well as seeing and feeling how sad you are. Dogs are such a comfort in your time of grief. Let her help you with your grief, as she feels it, as well. I would spend special time with her, and try to give her some treats so that she will eat, and praise her for doing so. She needs to know that you love her, as well. Previously I had a dog when another dog died, and I felt she helped me greatly with my grief, with those beautiful eyes looking at
  12. I am so sorry to hear of your deep pain, Blake. We had to put our almost three year old dog to sleep a month ago, because of an inoperable stomach tumor. The pain has been overwhelming, as I know it is for you. I keep thinking I hear her; but of course, I do not. There is no easy answer to this. Writing has helped me with my pain; I am glad that you are writing, as well. Time makes the pain a little more bearable, but nothing replaces your dog. I have cried mountains of tears; I think that helps to release your emotions and grief. Take good care of yourself, and get enough sleep. Tal
  13. I can imagine how very much your grief is because I lost my 2 year old dog to an inoperable tumor 2 weeks ago. I thought I would have her for 12 years, like my previous dog. I do not know why these things happen; it is so very hard. I have cried tons, as I know you have, as well. Reading about others losses helps some. But, I know that time will eventually heal your deep wounds, but you will never forget your beautiful dog. I had a bracelet made with my dog's name on it and it gives me some comfort to see her name on my wrist; I will never forget her.
  14. Once again, thank you for the links to written material, as well as video. I still cry, but it makes me feel much better that other animal people know my great loss, as certainly some people do not understand. Thank you for listening, and writing to me; this has been a very good experience for me to know that others I do not even know can relate to my great losses.
  15. It has been 5 days since my Annie died. I thank all of those who have written as it means very much to me. I have always been a listene,r and not a talker, so your written answers to my grief are heartwarming to me. I know that it will get better with time, but this death came out of the blue. She was OK one day, and not the next, with an inoperable tumor. I have spent my live helping people and I know I need help now. Thank you for listening.
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