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  1. Hi Kathy Our beloved Roxy May passed two days ago from CHF I feel your pain. Roxy had tried every medication they offered and they had drained her a number of times but it got to the point where draining her wasn't working anymore. She would come back and the bloating would return within hours. Then she started to wheeze and couldnt lie flat. We propped up a mattress on the floor to try and help her sleep. She was trying to sleep standing up and holding herself up growing more tired and more weak. The vet said it was her time she wasn't eating at all and my partner made the most difficult decision to put her to sleep. I've cried my eyes out I've screamed. I miss her so much. She was my best friend and my partner in crime. We spent our sundays exploring together. I need to stop reliving her final day over and over and over again as I am driving myself insane. I hope you can find some peace xx
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