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  1. Thank you very much Kayc for your support. I think i will have to remove all his pictures and videos from my phone because it breaks my heart . I believe all dogs goes to heaven. Thank you again for the video.
  2. Thank you so much for your loving words.💞
  3. Hello I'm so glad i came across this page because I'm feeling so bad and hurt right now.I recently brought a puppy for my parents, he was fine and very playful even my parents and my first dog who is 4 yrs old were so in love with that little bundle of joy.He was one month and 3 weeks. On friday night my mum called me telling me that Bailly started to vomit.We did'nt become alert thinking that may be he ate too fast . on saturday morning Bailly was still throwing up.I took him urgently at the vet who made 3 injections with him ( vomiting, deworming and for immune system ) but Bailly was still unwell. I took him again at the vet on sunday morning , they checked my puppy and told me that it was nothing serious just some gastric issues and that he will be ok. He had 2 injections that day.I brought puppy milk, Milk Bottle , serum. When we reached home he was walking and waving his tail.I was so relieved I said to myself that my baby will now be ok. But Bailly could'nt take anything we gave him..he was not eating or drinking. we tried to give him milk or serum by a syringue but the just vomit the fluid after some minutes. I didn't know what to do how to save him.He was still a baby was counting on me to save his life.Even the vet did not know what to do next..I didn't want to make him suffer more by doing cutaneous serum injections but i would have done it if i had no choice. I was planning to bring him at his mother dor breastfeeding may be that would have helped him to get better. Monday morning i got a call from my mom that Bailly passed away early in the morning. Since that everyone at home is so depressed..sad and hurt. I'm feeling so so bad..awful..terrible.My heart cries thinking how much pain he felt when having injections..how alone he must have been when his time was approaching may be he wanted to be with his mother one last time.His little face haunts me .I don't want to do anything neither play with my first dog. Bailly was with us for a little time but we became so attached to him as if he was always with us. Bailly my baby you are now an angel in the sky.I hope to see you one day my babyboy.We will never forget you ..You will always be in my heart.I miss you so so much baby 💞💞
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