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I Can't Stop Crying

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Today marks eleven long months since my dearest Jeannie's funeral. It's cold and sunny today, not unlike that Saturday back in April last year.

I have read several good books on the Grief process over the last few months and one that I can highly recommend to all is I Can't Stop Crying by John D. Martin. (ISBN 1-55013-407-8).

It describes grieving as a painful but necessary process and emphasizes the importance of giving yourself permission to grieve and cry.

If you can find it at your local library, hospice centre, funeral home or bookstore it will be well worth your time to read it.

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If the tears are healing then this weekend I tried to heal a lot. Friday marked the one-year of my mother's passing. Little did I know that three months later I would loose Gene, my world. And Walt, I shed tears for Jeannie and you. I know that everyday is hard...next month....how can it be that so many of us are approaching a year of this devistation? And yet we survive somehow, trying to find our way through this journey. You've been an amazing source of inspiration and hope. It is a beautiful thing....the love you and Jeannie share....the love we all share with our soul mates seperated from us right now....only for now...more is to come for all of us.

Thank you Walt!

Always Gene!


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