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Life Within...life Without

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Guest Guest_mommy2blaine_*

I wrote this poem two months after my 8 1/2 year old daughter passed away from double pneumonia & kidney failure. Just know that the God of peace will keep you, and will be there to hold you, comfort you, and will give you joy.

Life Within...Life Without

Inside myself, I feel lost

Without hope, pain is my companion

Fears seem magnified

The future without I cannot fathom.

Life without the loved one lost

Seems unbearable and grief overwhelms

Each time a fleeting thought

Brings tears I can't withhold.

Tears of sadness, tears of fear, tears of joy

Those around don't want to hear

About the burden that I carry

Within myself.

Within the hope of Christ,

My world is safe and sane.

I can feel the peace He gives

Peace that passes understanding.

Without Him, I know not where I'd be

Lost in the grief; unable to face the future

Feeling so scared and so alone.

But in Him, I have no fears

I know Who holds my future and keeps me safe

In these raging storms I now face.

Keep me Lord in Your grace,

A constant reminder of Your presence in this place.

Hold me in your arms, safe and secure

Use me as Your vessel, Your peace to share

Within...and without.

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