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Just click the "Add Reply" button underneath the post you want to reply to....or the "New Topic" button if you've got a new topic in mind. If you click the '"Reply' button instead, you'll get an entire quote of the post ( if you'd like ) and can highlight any words or lines you want, then use your delete button on your keyboard to erase those that you don't want to quote in your response. The '+Quote' button is more complicated to explain, but its use was covered somewhat under the "Comments" forum awhile back ( cuz I couldn't figure it out and needed help! ) You can also go back and edit your posts if you like ( use the Edit button for your post ), and do either a 'complete' or 'quick' edit - those show up, faintly, at the bottom right corner after you hit 'Edit'. There's more, but those are the basics. Hope that helps.

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