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A Summer Reminder


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A gentle reminder to all of us that what we have here on this forum is indeed unique ~ we continue to have a safe place to come to express our grief and receive the support that each one of us deserves. The feedback is solid and comes from the heart.  Those of us who have participated in more than one of the threads know how important it is to know that no matter what our grief is at any given moment there is a safe and secure place for us to express our deepest sorrows.  This forum is unique in that it is monitored by an expert in grief counseling and continues to do so without any ads.  Please remember to push that donate button and give whatever you are able to give so that we can continue to keep this forum alive.  This has and will continue to be a free forum for those who come here but it is also important to know that anything worthwhile has a cost.  As a member of this forum for five years, I can tell you that the journey I have been on with the loss of so many who have touched my life gives me the strength I have needed to carry on.  Not only do we have the support of a certified grief counselor but we also have the unique privilege of getting to know some pretty awesome people. We may feel alone when we first come here but after awhile we learn that we are among kindred spirits.  The genuine care and love here are beyond words.   The people who are here are the most caring and sensitive people I know.  Thank you for any monetary support you are able to give. People from across our world have found their way here and it would be nice to continue to offer them a safe and caring place to come as they grieve the loss of a loved one.

Sending love, 


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