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  1. Keeping you in thought and prayers Katie. We are and will be with you during these very hard times. Anne 💜
  2. enna

    Articles Worth Reading

    Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Widower's Grief My Heart Is a Wooden Room My heart is a wooden room, an empty octagon with cushions on an oak floor. The room is nestled in the earth and rises from it. The room is rooted in the earth that is rooted to the ocean in front and the mountain behind. It is organic and breathes. Love lives in this room in the midst of sorrow. My heart is a wooden room with people gathered inside. We sit on cushions and share our stories of struggle and triumph. We are rooted to each other through our words, tears, and arms. In the morning, the energy of love is kindled within and flows in waves through us. My heart dances on the afternoon breeze with the prayer flags we follow on the path through the woods, and the path that we follow through grief. Our presence here nourishes one another. My heart is a wooden room. It waits patiently and listens for the unheard to be spoken. It remembers the whisper of her voice and the softness of her hands. It provides a place where I make the hard journey from what has been to what will be. Grief is rooted in love and the mystery that flows through us. My heart is a wooden room and empties as I share my life with others. It fills when I listen to their stories and feel their compassion. In the beating of our hearts together around the campfire, in the beating of the drum and the movement of the ocean, we feel the enduring rhythm of love. As we share our stories of death with each other, the sharing of compassion breathes life back into us. Posted by Mark Liebenow
  3. The above webinar was OK. My notes were choppy so I decided to just listen. I think we all have things to learn about suicide. Having support and engaging in self-care is important to the one coming out of a suicide. It's important to know that suicide happens - it's part of life - we should be able to talk about it.
  4. enna

    sudden loss of father

    I am so very sorry to hear of the sudden death of your dad. You have come to a place that has caring people who will listen as you share with us this heartbreaking loss. Know that you are not alone and even though we are not with you physically we are all with you here. Sharing our pain helps in our healing. Anne
  5. enna

    Changes I'm Making

    A FREE 10-day program - Waking UP in the World begins today. Excellent so far - Each day is available for 24hrs after the talks. I've committed to the ten days. Part of my healing.
  6. enna

    Goodbye to my fur family

    I do not have a picture of Buttercup (the early 50s) but here is Benji and Fred ~ Both are in Rainbow heaven now... Benji (a Schipperke-Poodle) was my rescue dog and Fred (a Beagle was our granddog...my heart still hurts.
  7. enna

    Goodbye to my fur family

    As one of many horse lovers your post brings tears to my eyes. I am so sorry to hear this coming from your broken heart. I remember how much you loved your Kachina. I have no idea what it cost to keep a horse today but my heart hurts for you. Scout sounds like a wonderful horse. You have every right in this world to be disappointed and angry. When I was growing up I had a horse named Buttercup and I loved him. We were too poor to keep him and a neighbor bought him from my father. I was lucky to be able to ride him for several years after that. Coming from a small town horse riding was something many of us did. It was a different time then. Buttercup was the first animal I can remember ever really loving. We had dogs and rabbits and farm animals but they belonged to everyone. I loved being able to ride Buttercup for a few years after he was sold and then we moved to a city. My most favorite memories were when I was in fourth and fifth grades when my two best friends and I used to ride whenever we could. After sixth grade, I took up dance. I threw myself into dance and became an average ballet dancer. After I graduated from Point I broke two bones in my leg and was not able to continue dancing so I decided that playing an instrument was safest for me. I played violin in the orchestra at my high school. I was never very good but enjoyed those years. When I became an adult and living near horse stables in AZ I spent many hours with horses belonging to others. My last riding took place back in 2002. Arthritis took over my body and I could no longer ride. For years I spent time visiting a stable near me just hanging out with the horses whenever I could. This satisfied me but when my beloved Jim became ill I was consumed with caring for him for over five years and could no longer visit the stable. I do understand the pain you are feeling. You have every right to “feel” sorry for yourself. I have had two very special furbaby dogs. One was my granddog and the other was a dog I rescued. I understand a broken heart. I have always felt that my rescue dog found me after Jim died. I send you hugs to your broken heart.
  8. Don't forget to mark your calendar...
  9. enna


    A Spoken Guided Visualization ~ Letting Go of Control by Jason Stephenson ~ something to give us a little peace for all that is going on in our world today
  10. enna

    Grief Bibliography

    Comfort for the Grieving Hearts: Hope and Encouragement in Times of Loss – Gary Roe His words resonate and he has a way of helping us realize that we are not alone in our grief. His writings make me think of what it is like when sitting down with a friend and sharing grief stories. Becoming Radiant: A New Way to Do Life Following the Death of a Beloved - Tom Zuba Tom Zuba’s writings are about love and hope and healing. This latest book is again focused on a new way of grieving as only he can say it. A Place in my heart, When a Pet Dies – Barbara Karnes, RN This is another booklet by BK explaining what happens when the life of a precious pet approaches death. I love her booklets. I have added her booklets to our community libraries as well as giving them out to caregivers who work with families caring for loved ones facing death.