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  1. A few years after the death of my husband, I decided to get a dog. We had a granddog that spent many days with us. I had many dogs in my life. Benji was different. This is my rescue dog, Benji, before his haircut. He was a Schipperke /Poodle mix and very smart. I did not know about his health condition because there were no papers on him. In less than a year he started to have seizures and over the months his heart just became too weak. I had already been to three different rescue places before this one and it was going to be my last one. It was love at first sight and he came
  2. Loss of a Spouse My heart aches for all of you who come here and share your pain. How fortunate we all are to have this safe place. I have no answers for you. I come from where you are now. The love of my life for forty years died in 2012 and I thought my life was over. It was not. It was a new beginning for me. Because of my age (78 years young) I have suffered many losses during these years. I have lost both grandparents, aunts and uncles, my parents, my siblings (all five are now with my parents) many friends and animals, but the most painful for me still is the loss of my husband.
  3. Thank you Marty, Dee, and Kay for your support. It has always been there for me. Kay, I remember our walk through your mom's last days and I was so glad she became softer and more appreciative during her last years. You are one special person and I have been blessed to have so many people on the forum who have been supportive to me. I am grateful to all those who mention my Jim's name.
  4. Time with my Alzheimer’s Husband As I look back now, I can remember funny and not so funny times. In the beginning I could not have talked about this, but it has been over eight years and today I can write about my life living with and caring for my husband (after forty years of marriage) for the last five years of his life. Way before Jim became ill, we had some serious discussions. Both of us prepared our papers that spelled out what our wishes would be at the end of our life. If it were possible, we wanted to die at home. And we both pledged to see that it would be done. We
  5. This is a beautiful film, Kieron. Thank you for sharing it. Anne
  6. I don't know if it is my laptop or not but at the top of the index page I'm seeing only a part of the picture. This is different and has only showed up a few days ago. If others are seeing this let Marty know and if it is only on my laptop I'll have to what's wrong. I'm putting this here in case I'm not the only one. enna
  7. May 25, 2012 ~ 8 years Ago ~ I lost my spouse, the love of my life, after forty years of marriage. enna
  8. Once again this site continues to be recognized as one of the BEST. We continue to be so fortunate to have this site. https://www.verywellmind.com/best-online-grief-support-groups-4842333 Anne
  9. Oh Robert, I am so sorry to hear that you had to 'put down' your precious Chloe. I am sure you did all you could do for her and that your love for her shows in your note. I am so glad she was not in any pain. I think when we lose a special pet it cracks part of our heart. And it hurts so much. We never really know when the time is right but as you said it was the right thing to do and for your Chloe I know it was. To love so deeply hurts. And having lost a few very special pets I understand that saying goodbye is so hard. Do you have a picture that you would want to share?
  10. What a beautiful thought, Kay. Thank you for it. Anne
  11. This continues to be the best "grief sanctuary" Steve. You and Patty are always in my thoughts and prayers. Life does keep all of us very busy. Know that I keep you and Patty forever in my heart. 💜How fortunate we are to have forever friends. Anne
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