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  1. May 25, 2012 ~ 8 years Ago ~ I lost my spouse, the love of my life, after forty years of marriage. enna
  2. Once again this site continues to be recognized as one of the BEST. We continue to be so fortunate to have this site. https://www.verywellmind.com/best-online-grief-support-groups-4842333 Anne
  3. Oh Robert, I am so sorry to hear that you had to 'put down' your precious Chloe. I am sure you did all you could do for her and that your love for her shows in your note. I am so glad she was not in any pain. I think when we lose a special pet it cracks part of our heart. And it hurts so much. We never really know when the time is right but as you said it was the right thing to do and for your Chloe I know it was. To love so deeply hurts. And having lost a few very special pets I understand that saying goodbye is so hard. Do you have a picture that you would want to share? Sending hugs to you. Anne
  4. What a beautiful thought, Kay. Thank you for it. Anne
  5. This continues to be the best "grief sanctuary" Steve. You and Patty are always in my thoughts and prayers. Life does keep all of us very busy. Know that I keep you and Patty forever in my heart. 💜How fortunate we are to have forever friends. Anne
  6. I have three recommendations to perhaps add to our grief bibliography page: Help, Thanks, Wow by Anne Lamott ~ she is so down to earth and this book is one to pick up and read more than once. Living Beautifully by Pema Chödrön is a wonderful book ~ she writes from the heart. And last ~ Gary Roe just wrote another book called: Comfort for the Grieving Adult Child's Heart - Hope and Healing After Losing Your Parent This book is available now and a few of us received copies earlier and read and wrote recommendations on Good Reads and Amazon. This is one book that will help the grieving heart of those who have lost a parent. In my opinion, reading and listening to music helps us to move through our grief.
  7. I really like Enya -
  8. TED talks worth listening to... https://3dsuccess.org/best-ted-talks-for-anxiety/ The importance of slowing down.
  9. My wish for all our forum members: May you all focus on what this holiday means to you this year. I do not tell people to have a Happy holiday because for most of us “happy” is not in our vocabulary these days. We are all in different places with our grief. My wish for each one of you is to enter your grief, take position of it, allow it to be whatever it is for you at this time. Do not push it back. I think that allowing the pain to enter your soul will help you in dealing with your grief. Do not let others tell you to move on. You will move through your grief at your own pace. Grief has no time limit. No matter how you celebrate during this time of year remember it is a time for new beginnings. I am so relieved to see that death is being accepted more today than it ever has. People are not afraid to talk about their grief today. A loss is a loss and the more love that was in the picture the harder that loss will be for each one of us. The longer we have lived the more we will face death. Some people are learning what death means to them when they lose someone close to them at an early age. Those of us who have lived longer will continue to lose our loved ones. When one loses a family pet it affects us deeply. It does not matter if a loss is about a relationship, a parent or grandparent or a child or sibling or a spouse ~ loss is loss. I would like to take this moment to Thank you, Marty, for giving us a safe place to be with our grief. We find that the people who come here don’t hurry us along. Those who come to this site seek to understand what grief is and we are allowed to be in our grief. This is a gift. Happy Holidays, Anne
  10. enna

    Living with Loss

    I am so happy for you. I'm smiling.
  11. Good Morning Everyone, Seven years and seven months and it seems like only yesterday at times and at other times it seems like an eternity. My beloved Jim left this earth on May 25th in 2012. We had a long period of illness before he died but his wish was fulfilled as all he wanted was to die peacefully in his home. This was possible because he did not need to be hospitalized and Hospice of the Valley in AZ helped in his transition from this life to the next. I remain ever grateful for the help HOV did for our family. Their mission was to take care of my Jim and also to care for our family. I remain ever thankful for them. Our HOV Team did everything that we were told they would do. My journey since then has been one of ups and downs as it is with so many who have lost loved ones over the years. I did not know what the term “grief is hard work” meant until I started my journey. Today I know that it is my responsibility to face the grief of living without my Jim here. Every day I wake up knowing that without warning I could be hit with that awful feeling of living my life without Jim at my side. Some days are OK, and some days are not. When the days are not good ones, I give time to sit with my grief and allow it to take its course. At first it was so depressing but gradually it became less so. My grief never goes away, but it no longer consumes me. I have so many people to be grateful to who never let me do this alone. It is my journey, but I have never felt alone. The longer one is here at this site the more one realizes how important a site like this one is. Thank you, Marty, and all those who have supported me in the past as I continue doing the work of grief. I do not frequent this web site as I did in my early grief, but I always come back to see how others are doing. I think I have more compassion for those in early grief. I take advantage of the resources here and I so appreciate that this site is not covered with ads. Anne
  12. I am so sorry, Stacy Nicole. It never gets any easier. Sending hugs, Anne
  13. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your son Joe. And to loose your daughter in 2010 has to be so hard. There are no words. The loss of your son is so fresh that I don't know how you are even working. You will need time for your grief. Support groups can be very helpful as can online discussion groups like this one you have found. People who come here listen and know about grief. Knowing that someone is hearing you is a good start in doing the work of your grief. The people who come here know about loss. Some will read, some will offer suggestions, and some will direct you to articles that just might help. This site is available 24/7 and there is always someone who is listening. Sending hugs to you, Anne
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