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Hi folks. Just wanted to mention that Alexandra Kennedy was supposed to act as one of the on-line professional counselors on the still-in-progress grief site, "National Grief Support Services". They were to have a few pro's, one for each of several different discussion forums ( like Marty and Steve man the boards here, I assume ). Unfortunately, this site has had nothing but problems with its tech team, like for about 2 years already!, so it's still not up and running. But, especially if you're still in the early stages, keep it in mind for later...if it ever gets going, it sounds like it will be another very good one. For now, they DO have more of those lists of other resources and such, and will also have online services where, some for free, some for certain donation amounts, you can even go so far as to make online videos of your loved ones, and other really new and different things like that. I've spoken directly to the founder of this site and she's a wonderfully helpful woman....she just can't seem to get someone decent and committed to finishing the site. Me, I registered about 2 years ago, but am still waiting....Not to take people away from THIS site, as it's still the best one I've found in 2 years of searching, but if there are more than one you can chat on, you can get more perspectives and help, and that's what it's all about in the end - helping yourself. My hope is still that I'll have the chance to yak on this one and this other one someday, concurrently....but I guess patience truly is a virtue in this case.

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