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My mom took the car my dad bought me back, but I'm not 100% surprised She and I have always had a 'rocky relationship'. Because I would always defend my dad from her insults I mean my dad was a sick man cancer, diabetes, blood clots & etc she would and knows where to hit a person with words, yes, I was wrong yesterday I said the wrong person was taken from me and that I hate her. I'm tired of arguing with her, her being mad and fixated on money my dad has been gone 5 months

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I'm sorry you're going through so much.  Sometimes grief brings out the worst in us, emotions are high, everything we've kept buried comes erupting out.  We can't take words back like they were never spoken, but we can apologize when we know we're wrong.  We can't control the other person's responses or what they do with them though.  You can only handle you.  

Your mom is going through her own grief journey.  As such she's not likely at her best.  Seeing someone we love die bit by bit can be very hard, very straining and it's not surprising she's not always handling everything right.  She probably feels overwhelmed and scared.  She's probably fixated on money because she's scared there won't be enough.

Maybe your mom just needs to know you care about her, which can be harder to feel when you're fighting so much.  It sounds like it's time to have a heart to heart talk with her, if possible, so you can both see things from each other's point of view.  When you're fighting isn't the time to try that though.  I wish you well with it, I know this is hard.

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