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Speaking of singing, it reminds me of a time when George and I were married...I have been on my church's praise team (leads morning worship) forever and George was my biggest fan, always in the back smiling wide for me.  One morning I was leaving for practice and he was so tired he didn't want to get out of bed, said he'd join me there later.  He fell back asleep and when he woke up it was late.  He hurried down the hill and on the way to the church got pulled over.  The cop asked him where he was going in such a hurry and he, looking all anxious, said his wife was singing at church and he was late!  The cop smiled at his earnestness and said, "Well then, you'd better hurry!" and let him go.  I never heard of anyone getting let off for this reason!  :D

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Guest Janka
On ‎30‎.‎10‎.‎2017 at 3:01 AM, TomPB said:

Janka I go to the end of our street where I would wait for Susan and Imagine seeing her walking toward me. I sit on the bench on the path leading up from the subway where I would wait for her and try to sneak up on her. I'd be walking just behind her in a crowd and when she'd recognize me she'd giggle and break out in an enormous radiant smile.

Behind the house I live in is used to park the same car as me and my beloved man Jan had used to have...I even see the car from the stairs when I unlock apartment I live in...I always imagine it´s ours and my beloved Jan will come to me in a moment again...He always waved from a distance and it still feels so real...These are the moments when I can´t believe that he is really dead...

Hugs from Janka


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