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  1. Wow, that is really odd you were on meds for something not tested and diagnosed for. Do you remember what was going on when you were started on the inhalers? Wish I could get around the thyroid meds, but I can’t. I have no idea how I will ever adjust to them after over 2 years of trying. The biggest mistake was agreeing to change what I had. Tried going back and now my body doesn’t like the old ones. They actually were more stimulating, but I was used to it and took more anxiety meds at the time. This was when I had my awesome doc that knew how to balanced things. Not the situ
  2. So true. I had anxiety attacks as a kid and young adult for good reason. Didn’t like speaking in public, car accidents, bring threatened, etc. All natural for the reaction. I overcame the public thing when I trained people on new phone systems. Guess cause I was the expert. When I got the anxiety disorder everything changed. Things I I did easily were always approached with fear or worry. Still fight it now even with the meds I’m on. Of all the things I battle, this is the worst. It makes it so difficult to deal with any slightly stressful situation. Yet, I can be spontaneous. It
  3. Well, I may have done myself in for pain Tuesday when I go for my 2nd covid shot. Slept on the wrong side, didn’t think it was so a bad start there. I had a telemedicine appointment so more sitting, needed a couple things at the store snd had to park farther away as all the handicap spaces were taken, unload things and decided I best take a shower as I might feel ill for a couple days. Of course while doing these things I found a couple other things that could have waited. I swear, I’m my own worst enemy. Stubborn. But, if I get laid low, I’ll be clean, the garbage will be ready to go sn
  4. And who. Some people just can’t control themselves. I have a couple people that repeatedly do it when I have repeatedly asked them not to. I don’t consider myself an expert on everything, but if I want advice or suggestions, I’ll ask. I may have a situation that is the same, but my personality and emotions may require a different approach. It’s a matter of respect. I don’t offer unsolicited advice for that very reason. Often I’ll be as befuddled as they are. There’s always the grief thing too. Maybe they think I need a stand in fir Steve. But they can’t be that. Only physically for
  5. Ugh, Dee. I have run into nothing but problems with my new doc. Mostly regarding medications and trying to fix things that I didn’t have problems with. Most all the new stuff I’ve been given have messed me up. Can’t get Xanax or pain pills at all from mine as he also has so many reasons he’s been told across the board how horrible they are. My old docs took a unique approach. They viewed each patient as an individual and provided what worked. My shrink gives me my anxiety meds. My doc knows that. He knows I take them, but just won’t prescribe them. He will give me antidepressants th
  6. I never knew this about Kubler-Ross. That she, as a scientist, thought there were guides and another side after death. I haven’t read much of her philosophy, so now I am intrigued. I can’t get past my belief there will probably be nothing. It makes the most sense to me logically, but it adds to the depression of 'life' being finite. I’ve read more about how the body shuts down and many of the often reported experiences of those brought back are normal function of a brain shutting down. Lights, seeing people, hovering overhead, etc. I’m not sure what Steve thought beyond he believed i
  7. Dee, I’m amazed many of you have avoided bloodwork for so long. I’m at every 2 months even with virtual visits. Something I did easily years ago but a big endeavor now. Just getting this rickety body in there. The draw itself isn’t biggie. I’m glad you haven’t had any emergencies. It’s hard enough doing maintenance. I hate that maintenance is necessary. Miss those just get up and get on with things with no pills, discomfort, special socks, achy hands, etc. I was going to say I don’t know how you do it, Kay, but I know we do some amazing things under pressure. I think about a lot
  8. If he does, I don’t know how we’d find it. What is a blog anyway? Like a web address to a journal like thing?
  9. Dee, I’m doing zoom because it saves me from a lot of medical appointment walking. I do miss having to use that instead of being face to real face with people. It’s really easy. It sounds like it would be hard, but it’s not. They do get old tho. It just doesn’t feel real especially when it ends and you’re staring at a blank screen. If you had told me a year ago I’d be doing them, I wouldn’t have believed it. Thanks for the kudos, tho. I had to learn a different platform for a doctor appointment Monday. Had to have a tech talk me thru it and we connected at his house where h
  10. Think I posted this once, but it was a bright spot today seeing it again..... https://www.facebook.com/lucia.kohldalmolin/videos/1178828505952272/?d=n
  11. Found this on HuffPost this morning about collective trauma. Made me feel a bit better about feeling I am going crazy. I know I am, but at least I’m not at all alone. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/collective-trauma-meaning_l_606cc3cfc5b6c70eccaa99cd The above article talks about not wanting to be around people when we need them the most. Living like threats to each other. I really am apprehensive about the 2nd shot next week. If it didn’t matter to others, I’d skip it as I don’t want to gamble about the side effects. I feel like crap enough. I don’t really care that
  12. I got a survey request too and told the rep from Sears they really didn’t want me to take it. But I did. I doubt it matters. I’m kinda stuck now as I paid and escalated it to get my money back. Have to give them one chance and that still doesn’t guarantee I’ll get my money back. Then I’ll have to pay someone else. I’m still angry they made me get a plumber out here that wasn’t needed to shift blame. I wish you better luck, Karen. I can’t judge them nationwide, but I’ll never call them again here.
  13. 3+ hours on the phone today. Mine fighting with Sears repair and a gift card order. Expedited my repair complaint to possibly have all labor costs returned So I can call someone else. Doubt they’ll do it. Was told they’d be here today, but knowing them I checked snd I wasn’t scheduled. After 4 attempts I’m at the end of my rope. I’m usually a nice customer, not to them. Problem with that is it makes it worse. I know this but the anger is 4 months long. Hard to play nice nice in that. Now I gotta get outta here for a bit. Come home to the same monetary. Another day with absolutely not
  14. I miss Cookie too. Once she got her new poodle she seemed quite happy and cute I hope she is doing well. Old lady habits? I’m developing more and more every week. Now I rely on them to tell people why I’m so slow even on the phone if I have to go to another room to get something I need for a phone call. Have to really prepare myself to throw Mel’s ball if she takes too long bringing it back and I’m sitting in the house. Going out for errands is a ritual and bracing knowing it’s going to hurt. Just cleaned the bird cage and took 2 breaks. Housekeeper coming tomorrow and I need to move s
  15. From what I heard, my dentist's dentist will probably get a lot of us. My hygienist already works there one day a week. I hope her hours will work with my schedule. They are also just 3 blocks away like my guy. Looked at their website snd saw they have nitrous which is a must for me. I can understand your daughter sticking with your dentist. Really good ones are tough to find. Just like doctors. It has been a real adjustment to mine after having one for 30 years. And the new one is cutting his hours to spend more time with his family. I don’t blame him for that, just miss when it was
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