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All Saints Day.

Guest Janka

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Today starts The day of all saints and tomorrow is gonna be The memory of all deceased people,some of those hardest days I must face again.We celebrate it every year of this time.We go to the graves of our loved ones and remember them in our hearts.It didn´t hit me yet,but it´s gonna do at a moment soon,I know.So I come here to find a comfort among those people who feel the same.I even have no words yet.Am I still waiting?I am!Although I don´t feel a presence of my beloved man Jan as much as I used to do before,yet I´m waiting again...

Sending hugs to all of us...

With love Janka



Kenny G-Falling in the moonlight www.big.az.mp3

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My dear Brad,

it´s 6:30 a.m. and I didn´t sleep yet.I can´t.I´m just watching the sunrise behind the window and it feels so wonderful to read you again,knowing that you´re here with me now.

Thank you from the heart!

Hugs from Janka


There is a lot of leaves out there...

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On ‎1‎.‎11‎.‎2017 at 6:23 AM, Brad said:

Sending hugs back to you as you miss your Jan. 

I´m sending some brown and brilliant red for you...I know how you miss all those colours...Just for you...

Hugs from Janka


Červený Kláštor 44.jpg

Jeseň-Bratislava 1.png

Jeseň-Bratislava 5.jpg

Jeseň-Bratislava 4.jpg

Červený Kameň 50.jpg

Jeseň-Bratislava 7.jpg

Jeseň-Bratislava 11.jpg

Jeseň-Bratislava 12.jpg

Jeseň-Bratislava 15.jpg

Červený Kameň 43.jpg

Jeseň-Bratislava 16.jpg

Jeseň v horách.jpg

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Oh my Janka, 

You live in a beautiful country.  I definitely need more time to explore the wonders of Slovakia.  While our aspen paint the mountains gold, the reds and oranges of a deciduous forest cannot be beat this time of year.  Deedo and I had just paid off two excursions when she was diagnosed: an Alaskan cruise and a Fall Foliage Tour of New England.

Please know that we will be thinking of you this week.



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