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Why I donate to our Grief Healing Discussion Groups:

Each one of us has our reason for being here and my reason is this: for the past five years I have been on a quest to learn who I am since my husband, Jim, is no longer here with me in his physical body. This forum has given me the tools that I’ve needed to do this. My journey continues and will continue until I take my last breath. Again I remind everyone that not only is this grief site free from ads but it also continues to be monitored and moderated by a nationally qualified grief counselor. The site continues to be a safe place for us to share our individual grief. We are always given excellent links to read on various topics or in the Grief Healing Blog and those who come here are caring and kind to one another.  If you have looked around you find that the site is a potpourri of places to find the encouragement and support from other forum members. No one tries to ‘fix’ us for we know we are not broken. We are grieving. It takes money to keep this site running so I ask you to donate if you are able. It will always continue to be free for that is what our moderator wants.

ps – I am not being paid to say this;) 



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