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Poem XIII-The 6th anniversary.

Guest Janka

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It´s so hard today,I´m always being lonely,
when I´m not at work,feeling the pain only,
Saturday is gloomy,it´s raining all day long,
just my sorrowful crying is of my heart song.

I can´t help myself,it hurts without you much,
when I miss you always,can´t feel your touch,
don´t look for a consolation,there´s a little bit,
too little to throw off each day incurable hit.

Although I take a seat at the Cathedral Mass,
the living without you is getting harder thus,
there´re only friends not getting such blow,
I´m feeling all alone with lot of my tears flow.

Well,I write these words for getting you closer,
this evening it´s going to be this way much nicer,
you may stop the tears so falling from my eyes,
my heart is always true,you know there´re no lies.

Come to me,just hold me so warm and tight,
as used to all days be,every day and night,
I can´t stop my heart´s bleeding,my beloved Jan,
you´re the angel from above,mine and only one.








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It´s been 6 years today,this night,right now...No one ever knows how I feel in this moment...I tried to hide my pain behind my smile...My lips laughed,but my heart cried...This evening I met one of my best friends to do not feel so alone with a misery hidden inside...We walked down the street and stopped by the Christmas tree already standing on the square and then I burst into tears...in front of her...of the others around...under the tree...so tragic moment it was...What else can I say?I´m speechless already...only poems of mine may describe that all...It still hurts...
How could I miss him less just because a few years have passed by?How could I?How?I even can´t see through the tears now again...


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Gentle hugs.  Whatever you are feeling is okay.  But go easy on yourself.  No time really heals the pain.  I’m sorry.  You’re in my thoughts and prayers. 


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Janka, my dear,

Such beautiful poetry. Your thoughts are a tribute to your love for Jan. As hard as these last six years have been, it is still wonderful knowing the depth and breadth of love you’ve had in your life. So very many people go through life without ever knowing this kind of requited love. 

Hugs and love my dear friend,


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