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My Father suddenly passed October 17th


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I lost my father last month. He died unexpectly and was found in the restroom. He was suppose to meet me at my house the next morning but never showed up. My parents had argued earlier that day. He called me to tell me but I was at work and didn’t make time to listen. 7 days before he passed he was complaining about his stomach hurting I gave him baby aspirin. It helped him but when he asked what I gave him I lied and said it was Aleve.  I thought he might not take it if I told him the truth. Turns out he has bought a bottle of Aleve after which meant he was having stomach pains for sometime. Turned out he had a heart disease for years that we didn’t know of. The guilt of not telling him it was baby aspirin and possibly saving him  is killing me. It’s been really hard to move forward. I can’t accept that he’s gone:(

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If your father died that suddenly and unexpectedly, I doubt an aspirin would have made any grave difference.  You might want to talk to his doctor about it so you can put this thought to rest.

Guilt is a normal feeling in grief, but that doesn't mean it's deserved or earned, just a byproduct of grief.  I'm sorry for your loss.  It's very difficult to navigate our way through grief, especially sudden such as this.  It helps to talk with a professional grief counselor that understands what's going on in the grief process and can help you work your way through it.




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