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Don't want to lose my heart! What next? Should I meet lawyers?

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I need advice on my relationship issue. Jennie and I were having the most beautiful relationship in the world. She came into my life suddenly as a dewdrop. I was almost lost, after the death of my ex GF. Jennie was our common friend. After her death, Jennie was a strong support for me.

When time passed, she became everything to me. We married and started living together. We were bonded like anything. She made me forget my past. I was so happy with her. But everything can't last for a long time.

Issues started when I asked to quit her job. I know she was attached to it. But she does not want to leave the job. I found it difficult to adjust the life with her. I compelled her only with the intention of being with her. But she completely misunderstood and left me a few weeks ago.

I want her back. But she is irritated as we fought each other many times. She dislikes me now and wants to get me out of her life. She is currently staying with her parents. I heard recently, her parents are going to complain about me that I abused her verbally and tried to danger her. But this is all wrong and I am innocent.

I tried to talk to her, but it was in vain. My friends suggested taking help of domestic assault defence lawyers in Newmarket for legal help. I am stuck with the situation and don't know what to do. Kindly guide. Thank you.

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Why would you instruct her to quit her job?  If you have control issues, that can be a sign of abuse.  Decisions should be made together, talked about, not commanded on one.  Perhaps start by getting some therapy.  Share with your therapist any allegations and what you think might have led to those allegations.  The therapist might be able to help you see how your words and actions are working against you and help you demonstrate yourself in a more favorable way. 

I'm sorry for your losing your wife and wish you the best in the future.  We can't force ourselves upon someone else or "make them" like us, love us, or do anything we want.  A good place to start would be respecting her wishes.

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If you are still hoping for reconciliation, no need to file anything yet, you can always do that later if you need to, not unless you need to protect assets or something.  If you're separated, good idea not to have joint accounts.  You can meet with a lawyer to find out specifics, much is common sense, but it's also hard to think clearly when you're in this situation.

I hope you do get some help and I hope your wife does give you a chance, but do this for you going forward regardless of what she does or does not do.  Work on you and build a life you can live.  The most attractive person is one who is happy and well adjusted, so that will be the attraction for her.

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One of my favorite Dr. Phil quotes, we have to do something different or we'll get the same results.

Sometimes it requires therapy or help to "do something different".

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