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I am feeling such sadness and despair. MY PRECIOUS FATHER was doing very well. Then, the no-goods gave a highly toxic drug without my Father's permission informed consent.We did not give our permission informed consent. This is a law. My Father started to have issues with his kidneys. Again, neither my Father or my family gave our permission informed consent to initiate/not initiate the only true treatment dialysis. We have Power of Attorney. We must have been in shock. We did not use our Power of Attorney to help MY PRECIOUS FATHER. We were told that my Father's numbers were just starting to level. We believe that we were lied to about EVERYTHING. We do not know what to do. MY PRECIOUS FATHER IS THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT IN MY LIFE. 

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Sometimes in death we look for someone to blame even where there is no one, but if you feel they caused your dad's death, you might want to talk to an attorney.  It won't bring him back but it might keep someone else from going through this.  I'm so sorry about your father's death and all you are going through.

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