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I cannot see life

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I am feeling so sad. There are no adequate words to use to explain the way that I am feeling. I am deeply sad, frustrated, angry, and lots of other, more distinct and less distinct. MY PRECIOUS FATHER and I are supposed to be enjoying being FATHER AND DAUGHTER. I am so angry that just when my Father was doing so well, my Father did not have any illness, my Father's rights and our rights were violated. We tried so diligently to protect my Father. I tried so much, to exhaustion, to help my Father. My Father was not supposed to ever leave our home. We know about the negligence at the facilities. We experienced that daily basis. I tried to tell my Father that he would be best in our home. The therapy would be our home. I only know life with my Father. Why? I am so despondent. I am not taking care of all that I have to do. I want to be with my Father. I am not well. I just cry. I am so sad. I do not have good family or good friends. I have tried to find a support group. 

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My dear, the way you are feeling indicates to me that a support group may not be useful to you right now, and insufficient to meet your needs. I strongly encourage you to find a counselor who specializes in loss and grief with whom you can meet individually and in private. If your family and friends are not "good," as you say, then you need and deserve the support of a qualified grief counselor or therapist. See Finding Grief Support That Is Right For You ~ including the articles listed at the base.

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