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Subject:FEEDBACK-WHAT DO YOU THINK? April ELetter-Wings
From: Nan Zastrow <nan.wings1@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Mar 7, 2018 4:13 pm



Who is your Friend in Grief?  When loss has entered our lives, friendships often change. Words often fail. Friends may feel that they will say or do the wrong thing, so they do nothing at all.  Those we expect to support us may not know how. And sometimes, an acquaintance steps up and does everything right. We’d like to know about your special friend (s) in grief and how they were there when you needed them the most.


Describe your “ friend in grief”. What made him/her so special? How did he/she companion you when you felt great sadness?  What qualities exemplify a “friend in grief”?


Please send your feedback to nanwings1@gmail.com Entries will be accepted until March 26th for publication in the next eLetter (April 2018).

Nan & Gary Zastrow
Visit Wings on FACEBOOK  website:  wingsgrief.org 
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