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Losing Our Precious French Bulldog

Karen Rosendahl

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On May 18th, 2018 we lost our precious Mugsy. I got him when he was 7 weeks old and he was 10 and a half when he passed. 

In February he was a typical aging dog until he had his first seizure. He started taking medication for the seizures and they stopped for about 2 month. We did notice he started to loss interest in things he once enjoyed. Seizures started happening again in May. He then started to walk in circles to the left everywhere he went. He could no longer go up stairs and I had to carry him. We were advised to see a neurologist for an MRI because he seemed healthy in every way except there was something going on in his brain. An MRI starts at $2000 and we got a lot of grief for going through with the procedure, but we had to help our baby. We also asked to have his elongated palette cut to help with his breathing. Surgery went great and we found that he had a mass in his brain. The doctor was hopeful that we could treat it with steroids and kemo in pill form. We were overjoyed with the idea that our puppy could be saved. We brought him home after a long car ride which was stressful for him. He got situated in the living room and I left to get a few items that he needed for recovery (wet food and pepcid). While I was gone we had a big thunderstorm come through and one of the biggest sounds of thunder I have ever heard. When I got back I was told that he was very scared from the thunder and had started to trimble.

I was now alone with just Mugs and my 2 children 6 and 8. I was exhausted from the days events, so I got Mugsy to relax in his bed before I tried to give him his medicine. I watched him sleep and watched his little belly inhale and exhale. Then all of the hairs on his back stood up. I went to him to see if he was ok and we was motionless. I tried to get him to wake up and ran through my house with my 8 year screaming No Mugsy, No Mugsy. It was the hardest thing to hold my baby in my arms and realize he is gone. I just held him as long as I could until he was taken back to the vet to be cremated. The cause of death was unknow. Could have been a blood clot during surgery, could have been a heart issue from being scared by the thunder, the mass in his brain could have moved and put pressure in the wrong spot, or as my wise 8 year old son says he died of old age. I'm very much still mourning his loss. After a day of doing everything I could to save him, in the end it was his time to go. Even though it was a traumatic experience, I am comforted by the fact that he was with me and in his bed at home. I also feel like I saw his soul leave his body when his hair stood up. Mugsy was ready to go even if I wasn't ready to let him go.

I miss him so much and feel so much pain. I would have done anything for my best friend and he knew it. It was going to be a long road ahead with kemo and he didn't want to live that way anymore. He seriously had the best life you could imagine for a little Frenchie. A dogs purpose is to live in the moment, and I will take that lesson with me to honor the unconditional love, compassion, fun and happiness that he brought into mine and his entire family's life. Rest Easy Mugsy. I look forward to you running to me at the rainbow bridge. ♥

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Oh Hon, I feel your pain.  You did everything you could for him, I'm so sorry.  I'm glad he had the best life he could, I hope it brings you much comfort to know that.

For your friend:


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