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Grief is a Journey.

There is plenty to discover along the way.


A wilderness experience for grieving teens.

Grief Gone Wild is a program just for grieving teens. It allows young people to join others like them on a personal journey down the beautiful and exhilerating San Juan River in Utah.

This wilderness adventure is offered by the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation division, with teens sponsored by Hospice of the Valley. Grief Gone Wild is a five-day river rafting expedition designed to help teens move toward peace and acceptance. Along the way, they will engage in special activities. They will share with others. And they will get a chance to work through their grief as they experience life all around them.

Dates: July 20-25
Costs: Teen portion $75
Grief Gone Wild is adult-supervised by a team of wilderness and bereavement specialists, hospice volunteers and experienced river guides.

For more information about Grief Gone Wild, call 602.530.6987.

Hospice of the Valley is a not-for-profit offering comfort and dignity to patients and families as life nears its end.

Grief Gone Wild is funded by proceeds from the CIGNA Health Care of Arizona Pro-Am Golf Tournament, staged by the Southwest Section of PGA America on April 13 at Grayhawk Golf Club.
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Hi Marty T,

Thank you for the post, It is too bad that I am in Canada and not in the United States. My older nephews took it really, really hard when their grandfather passed away. I had never seen either of them cry before until the day of his funeral. Thank you Marty T for this post and Take care Shelley

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