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Maybe I should stop listening to music completely!

It’s been just over a year since my wife died from cancer – just 3 months after the devastating diagnosis.

“They” say time heals all wounds, but they don’t say how long it will take. Just when I think that I may survive this living hell on earth I see an obituary of a friend’s death, or read about a new loss in a support group, or hear a new song about grief.

As this song says:

“I still believe in Heaven

and I'm sure you've made it there

But as for me without your love, girl

I don't have a prayer”

unfortunately “…I can hear the devil whisper

"Things are only getting worse" :(

Monday Morning

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Oh Walt...hang on. The last wave took me a month to get past. I really don't think time will heal this wound...it'll just dull the pain. Gene was the music lover. I've not been able to listen to any of his favorites yet but for one...Johnny Mathis...The Twelveth of Never. It's how long our love will be...FOREVER!

Sometimes I feel God has abandoned me but I know Gene has not. I know Gene and Jeannie keep their love wrapped around us. I know they want us happy again but I can not see how that is possible. I can't seperate the love and the pain. Maybe that's what time will do...slowly fade the pain.


Always Gene!


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