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My little baby Ace


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My heart is breaking. I'm lost without my baby boy Ace. He had mmvd and had chf seven months ago. Was put on meds. He did great for awhile on them. Then in Dec another chf.  Upped  his meds helped again. Then this Thursday he had another chf. More meds but this time they didnt work. Two days later my husband and I decided to put him to sleep on Saturday.  It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I can't sleep. I keep seeing him laying there gone. I keep playing in my head did I do the right thing? And all the what if's. Im Angry at my vet. She should of took it more seriously about me telling her his rrr were in the 70's which is really high. Only found this out after researching on web. FYI: DONT DO THIS AFTER PET DIES. It only makes you feel worse. I would give anything to have him back. Even the 7 months of back and forth to the vet and constant care I gave him. 11 years is such a short time and it goes by way to quick! I want him back. 😭

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I'm so sorry to know that you've lost your baby boy Ace, and my heart reaches out to you in your pain. Yes, 11 years is such a short time, and yes, those years go by way, way too fast. Please be patient with yourself, and give yourself time to mourn the loss of this being who means so much to you. The pain you're feeling is but a measure of the love you have for Ace. We do not mourn for those we do not love.

I'm sorry you had to make the euthanasia decision ~ but I don't know any animal lover who has done so without the heavy load of guilt that follows (including me). See, for example, Guilt In The Wake of A Euthanasia Decision ~ and I hope you will come to recognize that this was a most selfless decision on your part, and one that was made from love. ❤️

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