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On this beautiful warm sunny Mother's Day Sunday I am thinking of my mom Connie, who died in February 1997 and my dear wife Jeannie who died April 13th last year.

They both had great challenges raising their kids and they were also the best of friends to each other.

This is for all the Moms who are no longer physically with us, but are watching over us daily. As the songs says; “Part of us went with you when God took you home.”

Departed Mothers

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Guest PattiZ54

I wasn't on the computer yesterday....spent the day with my daughter! It was a great time. So, today, I want to mention MY mom here....she's one that is no longer physically here, but I know she and my husband are keeping an eye on me. She passed in 1997 - she had been in a nursing home for about 8 years due to having numerous strokes, so to me, her passing was a blessing. No more suffering!

I love you Mom!!!


(Charlie 6/10/58-11/16/2004; I love & miss you, Dear)

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