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Today’s reading from Martha Hickman’s Healing After Loss offers an encouraging reminder:

“Grief is not a test. There’s no grading. No passing or failing.”

I would add to that by saying – “there’s no time limit or rush to finish the task”

Sometimes I used to think that I was “failing” the test. It’s comforting to know that’s not true. While we may not all be “A” students on the subject of Grief, at least we know we cannot fail.

Still Feel Love


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You always find the right songs or inspirational things to send us.

Of course this one really tugged at my heart and the tears came on like a flood. Just when you think you are doing so much better and maybe just maybe this horrible pain will somehow go away you are reminded again what you have lost.

I am trying so hard to go on without my beloved Charlie but after 19 months I still miss him so much.

I come to this site and read it every day, I think it is my salvation because people like you so understand this pain.

Thank you

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Guest PattiZ54

Whew! That was a rough one to read. As "Charlie" said above...tears came on like a flood. My husband, Charlie, has been gone 1 1/2 years, now, and it is still so hard to get through every day. I miss him more than ever!!

I had to print that one - think I'll try to find a frame.

Beautifully said, WaltC.


(Charlie 6/10/58-11/16/2004 - I love & miss you, Dear!)

"One is the lonliest number" (Three Dog Night)

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