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Hi I was said by my mind constantly that she is going to die I declared my mind is wrong I was asked to come back to India when she fell sick after falling down on 12 April 10 days after my birthday. My birthday was on 2nd April she is very close to me infact she thinks a lot about me while traveling to Dubai she said me like a reminder that she will not live longer and after 4 or 5 months she will die immediately in my conscious mind started thinking about,'the date of her death 4 months after will be mine birthday may be she will die after a month from my birthday on 2 may '  and I lied to her I'm going to Bangalore and did not smile at her my behavior was rude with her. She was beaten up by her daughter in law that time she was feeling guilty of sending me away from house listening to her daughter in law and she wanted to show love again so she waited for me on 2 April on 12 th she fell down I feel she harmed herself I came to know her pelvic bone is damaged. I was asked to in out the country for visa change then I had 10 days time to go back to India I was stopping myself from going then I asked my father to book flight ticked to Hyderabad I insisted him to book it on 1may but he was not at all listening to me and to save his money he booked the flight ticket on 2 and may immediately after I landed I got the new she is no more. It's a lot to say I feel I kept my academic marks sheet in there house and my uncle seen it so she was sad or may be after knowing that lawyer notice arrived she was sad. These are other options I got into my mind I strongly felt like some one is eating my body from inside while in flight that feeling reminded me of her sufferings 

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Is this person a girlfriend to you?  Didn't mention relationship.  I am sorry for your loss and all you have been going through.  That is so hard to have missed seeing her by one day.  I'm sorry also that she had to suffer but she knew she had you and that must have felt a consolation to her.

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