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6 Months Ago Today


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My Mom died 6 months ago today. In the past 6 months I have felt a sadness I have never known before in my life. I have been through Christmas, New Years, my birthday, Easter and Mother's Day for the first time without my Mom.

I have thoughts of her at least a dozen times each and every day, but there are more smiles now than tears. I have had to be there for my Dad and in a way I grieve for him too. I have taken with me all of my Mom's valuable lessons she taught me along the way and I feel more grown up since November 30th. In the next 6 months I have more mountains to climb...her birthday in July, my parent's anniversary in September, Thanksgiving in November and the 1 year mark of her death on November 30th.

I guess I am just reflecting and I am feeling okay. I miss my Mom so much but I cherish each special memory that comes to mind out of the blue and relive time spent together in my mind or with my daughters.

6 months....such a short time ago and yet it feels like I haven't seen her for forever.

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Hi Lori

On June 3rd, it will be 6 months since my mom's death...

I know exactly how you feel.... I just went through her birthday last month and then her wedding aniversary was this month.... it is so weird that she would have been married for 44 yrs to a man that obviously didn't care....

Thoughts of her daily run through my mind... I talk to her daily, some times are easier than others... at least now the tears have subsided too...

Reflecting back it is so amazing how profoundly our mothers affect our lives...their wisdom, their love, their strength, their morals they have instilled in us and so much more....

I have learnt more so now that she is gone that there are so many ideals that she taught me that I use daily in my life...she is still and always will be a huge part of who I am as a person....

I am sure that you must notice a lot of the same in your life....

I wish for you courage and peace within yourself....

take care

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Next Wednesday, June 7th, would mark the 7th month anniv. of my Mom's death. And I've also been thru the exact same things, the holidays, the birthdays, etc.

My Mom would have been 90 this past Jan. My birthday is 11 days after hers, so it had always been kind of nice being her birthday present. :)

Although the grieving will never end, and it may be too soon to tell when the 'active grieving' is over (I guess that is the period during which the death is still a reference point and you are still working thru the feelings), I think I am seeing more and more the proverbial "light and the end of the tunnel". And like LoriW and penny1 report, am noticing the changes within me.

We're all getting thru it, even tho there are times the doubt about that sets in.

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