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Miss my dad


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I lost my dad a year ago. But it seems to be getting harder. He died of alcoholic liver disease, he was 57. His death was pretty traumatic and not an experience I’d wish on my worst enemy.

Recently I find myself having to watch old programmes like heart beat, minder and last of the summer wine and imaging what dad would have been doing back when the particular episode was first aired as he used to love watching all these. When the programme finishes I have this massive sinking feeling and all new realisation that I’ll never see him again. My heart aches so much. I feel like I’m going mad just sitting watching things I know he enjoyed watching right back to when I was little and would HAVE to watch them with him. I wish I’d have appreciated it all more x

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You're like the rest of us then, we don't realize we're doing something special until we no longer can.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I was 29 when my father died, he was an alcoholic but sweet, I wish my kids could have known him.

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