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My dear Forum Friends,

I am writing this note to remind you that we do have a donate button at the top of the main page for keeping this site open and free from ads.  If you are able please consider donating to this web site.  I remember that when the button first went up I did not see it.  It costs quite a bit of money to keep a site open like this one.  The active members exceed over 9860 now and our admin reads every one of the messages and responds when appropriate.  It is our web site and even though some of us are no longer as active we still come to this site to find comfort or even respond to a member.   I’m asking for you to donate whatever you can so we do not lose this valuable site.  It will always remain open and free as long as our admin is able to monitor it.  Thank you so much if you are able and willing to donate whatever amount.  I have been a member for over seven years and realize the value of a trusted site like this one.  I’m sending love and hugs to each one of you during this most difficult grieving time.


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