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My darling Tilly Baby


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My darling baby girl Tilly died November 17th 2019 and I’ve felt so lost without her. 


I got her from an ex friend of mine. Friend was an addict, barely had money- it was a horrible life for Tilly to live. In a dark, cold house (ex-friend rarely had money for bills), mess everywhere (including dog messes) and only eating dry dog food. I took one look at her & knew I had to get her out...


So I did. Took her in my car, dropped her home with some water and sliced meats on a plate (which became her plate for human food) before darting out to the pet store & buying everything I needed. Tilly was so small, just a tiny little Yorkie, but I felt so compelled to look after her. The very next day, took her to the vet to get her microchipped, checked over and registered. She had issues with her teeth and a limp in her left back leg which the vet believed was from an injury that never healed properly. The worst part was how malnourished she was-  they didn’t think she’d have made it much longer in the environment she was in.


That was 8 incredible years ago. Tilly learned very quickly anything I tried to teach her, to the point where she even said please & thank you in exchange for treats. She walked well, staying right next to me unless there was a smell that really caught her attention. They say Yorkies are a very curious breed- and they are right.


Sadly, my darling developed an infected womb, and passed. Thankfully, she was at home and in my arms with me telling her how much I loved her. The worst part was calling the vet to let them know- hearing them mention “cold storage” made me truly break down and I had to hang up. I managed to arrange a cremation for the next day, and got a specialised bronze plague. Her box is so small, but she was a tiny little angel.


I carry a locket with me that has some of her fur in it, and my dad organised photobooks for both me & him. We also now have 2 large photos of her framed on the mantle piece on either side of her ashes, and her pink collar on top of them. I give her a kiss every morning, just to let her know I still love her. We also have a memorial box with some of her clothes (I always said if I ever got a dog, I’d never dress them up but oops). Sometimes we hear noises, very distinct noises she used to me or the sound of her jumping off of my bed/scratching to make her own. It’s a comfort to know she hasn’t truly left. Only her physical, sick body is gone. 

To my first dog, and the greatest dog- I love you and miss you, Tilly baby. I’ll see you again over the Rainbow bridge, Angel 


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I am so sorry for your loss...I know the pain of losing that special dog for I lost my Arlie August 16, he was the love of my life, along with my husband, George, who I lost 15 years ago come Father's Day.  My 25 year old cat was put to sleep Monday.

We learn to live with this loss, little by little, but the love is never gone.  My Arlie is buried in the backyard next to my granddoggy Skye, and now Kitty also lays beside him...my husband's ashes also nearby.  

The memorial things we do in honor of them helps.  I also have a lock of my dog's fur and a friend gave me a bracelet that reads Once by my side, forever in my heart with Arlie's name on it.  I still have his coat hanging on the chair in the family room, he was a big dog so it's a huge coat, I imagine it will stay there, sometimes I go by and hug it.

I'm so glad you were able to give this little dog the good life she deserved and took such good care of her.  Arlie was starving when I got him...he'd been at the shelter two weeks and had gained 16 lbs in that time and was skin and bones when he came to me!  He had Kennel Cough and Acute Chronic Colitis, they hadn't noticed, so it's amazing he was able to put that much weight on while sick.  I cooked for him (4 cups/day) to keep his Colitis outbreaks at bay, and would love to do it again if only I could have him back.

I send you comforting thoughts of peace, she is with you still, living in your heart.


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