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My cat died in the dryer last night


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Last night I was putting my duvet in the dryer and my cat must have jumped in right in the middle of me switching loads. This is not something he has ever done before so I didn’t even think to check for him. There was no meowing or thuds, I didn’t even notice he was gone since he usually sleeps in his little spot at night. I am overwhelmed with guilt and sadness that this happened. It was such a quick exchange I can’t help but think how I could have prevented it. He was the BEST cat, I do not know how to move past this stage of grief. Any advice is needed. 

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I am so sorry, we get this a lot. 

As pet owners we feel strongly we should be able to protect them from any harm and when we don't (we're human and don't think of everything) we are overwhelmed with guilt and regret.  Keep in mind that although we FEEL guilt, that doesn't MAKE us guilty, we aren't all seeing and all knowing and we learn from our experiences.  All we can do is apply what we've learned going forward.  It might help you to do something constructive with your kitten's death, like memorializing him in some way.  Another thing you could do is write him a letter....tell him how much he meant to you, those unique traits he carried that you loved.  Tell him how sorry you are that this happened and how you feel you let him down by not preventing this tragedy.  It helps to express ourselves in our grief and who knows but what he can hear you if you read it aloud to him.  So much we don't know about afterlife but many of us believe there is one.  Wishing you peace and comfort in the days ahead.



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