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I'm opening this space in honor of Arthur, the most loyal companion I have ever seen. Arthur was my mother's cat. He was grumpy and bitter and didn't like to play or be pet. But he was so devoted to my mother we were worried as to how my mother would take it if Arthur were to leave before her, but we were mostly scared of what would happen to Arthur if my mother left before him, we could clearly imagine him hanging himself or jumping off a cliff.

Arthur passed away on April 17th. My mother had cancer at the time, and I was so upset with Arthur's parting because I thought this would be the depression that would kill my mother. She never found out, she left 2 days later.

He was a perfectly healthy cat, only 4 years old. The night before he left, I struggled to keep him inside the room, and told him "I know you are confused, take good care of her" and he calmed down and slept with me all night long. How was I to know he left 1 1/2 days later just to prepare her welcome to the other world?

Of course since my mother died, no one is paying much attention to the passing of a cat, but he is worthy of mentioning, as never have I seen loyalty of this kind.

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That was a lovely tribute to your mother's companion, Arthur. It is heartening to hear from those who would show such honouring of another's life, especially when they weren't the animal's official guardian.

From your story, I see even more than loyalty in Arthur.....there was also great love, for your mother ( and I'm very sorry about your loss, in her, too ), in that he did indeed, as you said, prepare the way for her by seeing to already being there to meet her when she passed. And there is also the evidence for that well-known 'sixth sense' that many animals possess to a far higher degree than we humans do anymore. Even if Arthur's surliness could have been attributed to an underlying illness that wasn't detected, the fact that he left when he did suggests to me that he knew what was needed, by everyone, and accomodated everyone's concerns because of that love.

It is very unfortunate, and the bane of many of us, that such inherent worthiness is not acknowledged by most people, nor is our grief given due respect. We are all made of God-stuff ( else nothing would ever be alive in the first place ), and for you to recognize this in another species is perhaps one of the bigger lessons Arthur came here to teach. His spirit is probably jumping for joy upon seeing what you have done to honour him, his life and his lessons, and I'm sure your mother is similarly pleased. May they both continue to grow and co-create more of that love together, still.

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Maylissa, thank you very much, your words brought tears to my eyes, but not the grieving tears, your words are beautiful. How could I not write about Arthur? He was quite a character, his sheenanigans were well known. When my mother used to visit my grandmother at the nursing home, all the people there were expecting new stories from Arthur :P He was not very charismatic, but he was a good cat. In any case, the worst of evils, I am glad they are not alone.

Thank you so much, good luck.


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Hi Jester,

I would have been honoured to have lived in your house just from what you wrote about the loyality that Arthur had for your dear mom. I think He must have been a special cat to have been so good to your dear mom.. I also totally agree with Maylissa in what she said in her post. Take care Jester and God Bless You for caring so much about Arthur... I am sorry about the losses you suffered and I will keep you in my prayers Shelley

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Thank you very much, Starkiss, I was absent for months from this forum due to not having internet at home, and gosh it is good to read you guys again.

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