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The Union of two becoming One

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When I first came to meet the Woman, that turned my life into something beyond spectacular, I knew right away, and only after a 2 month courtship, we got married Dec 3rd 1994, will never forget the Candlelight Chapel in Las Vegas, then sharing nachos across the street at Circus Circus in place of a wedding cake, then dancing the night away at the Aladdin Casino with an Earth Wind and Fire Concert, starting our lives together, that would take to us through many a years, some good, some bad, but through it all, we emerged victorious, and after 25 years looking forward to another 25, that never came, these were going to be the best years, as we were already speaking to one another w/o ever even opening our mouths, call it telepathic or intuition, it's called true Magic!! Every day I wake up and there is this feeling deep within me, that the Universe is off balance, something is not right, and of course I know what it is, it's not hearing her voice in the morning asking me to call her at break and lunch, then giving me a kiss to start the day, My purpose is gone, and my only wish is to be with her, how I long for that day!! I read an article the other day that the actress Bea Benaderet who passed away back in 1968, her husband Eugene passed just two days after her of a broken heart, and I think to myself what a lucky man!! Thanks again for listening, wishing you all a fair and good day! with warmest regards, Nancy and Jim


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Jim, I can relate 100%. Jenna was my world, my reason for getting up in the morning, the reason for everything I did. Now she is gone, and life itself is gone. I am here surrounded by the remnants of a life that we shared that will never return. 

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