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TO all:

I have joined a little while ago and have to admit that it has helpped alittle and I owe Shell a huge thanks for taking the time to talk to me and letting me vent. Thank Shell

Really though I have come with maybe something that will help even if it is one person (hoping for more). I have lost my Mom April 9th 2006 and her birthday is April 11th and that I had my grandmother move away to New York 2.5 weeks later and than 2.5 weeks later I had Mothers Day to deal with and wait 2.5 weeks later my sister also moved out of state. I am alone now except my 3 boys (they are my life totally). So here is how I found out that it helps. I get up every morning and as I am leaving for my day to start I stand in front of my Mom (ashes) and talk to her for a minute. I tell her I love and miss her and need her to hold my hand for the day so we can get through the day together. I also need her to show me how to handle ever issue I can not and donot want to do it alone I need her. There is times that I cry wait I cry alot thats my mom. I also say " I did love you I do love you and I forever will love you" I feel that right now that is the only way I can even think about getting through my day I really know hopw hard it is. Wait even though my grandmother is alive I have a few things she gave me and one is an Angel and ever morning I also say hi and I love her and that I miss her I think you get the picture.

I really hope this also helps some one out there its up to you on how you do it but I can tell when I have been so busy that I have left and not been able to talk to MOM and man is my day shot really.

If anybody out there has any other ideas please fill me in I could use other things also.


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Hi haley,

Oh, yes, I know all about Shell. <_< She's helped me out a lot, too. :) She's an angel. :wub:

My Mom died last November, and although I don't have her ashes (she was buried, not cremated) I do have a piece of her.

Some time after her death I was rummaging about in a corner of the vanity and discovered a hair curler of hers. It still had some strands of her hair on it.

It made all the difference for a while. I sealed it in a plastic ziplock baggie and stuck it in an old coffee mug she used every morning. Although I don't talk to it or look at it daily, there are times when I pass by it, I pause, and take it out of the mug. There is a calming presence, as if she's still around.

Just having it has helped me get thru tough times. Otherwise, I visit the cemetary quite a bit. They're both there, Mom and Dad.

That last thing you said, about how your day is shot totally if you don't stop and talk to her, I understand, too. I have to spend part of my morning in prayer, or else the day is kaput.

Take care (or Hugs, as shell would say)


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Haley and Paul,

Thanks for your kind words. You have no idea how much they mean to me. You two have helped me so much too.

I'm so glad you posted about talking to your mom, Haley. I think it is a wonderful way to start your day. And, Paul, praying is like meditation sort of, at least to me. Another good way to start your day.

Love ya both,


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