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I lost my kitty in washing machine.


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I dont know if I'll ever feel good. I had a kitten 'bhuru'. He loved playing hide and seek. Usually, my mom take care if everything but she'd been diagnosed with covid so she's no more cooking or taking care of any other chores. She is just let's say locked in room for "quarantine". Me and mah sister, we were together taking care of everything. It was my sister's job to wash clothes and all. She never thought that bhuru could have stepped into washing machine. Unaware of this my sister had simply closed the washing machine door and came back to room. At times bhuru was out for a half day or so. We didn't give this much thought and were expecting him to show up from nowhere asking for whiskas or playing with my blanket. But, for some reason i didnt sleep the other night. I was still worried for him. Half of me believed that he'll show up soon and other half was scared to even think, what if he can't. What is something happened to him. How will i find him? It's all bushy and semi forest here. And when it's almost more than 24 hours that's when me and my sister started finding him. Somehow my sister happened to open washing machine and that's where we found him. Dead. I never imagined him like that. Well i dont really know if why i am writing this but we are devastated. I rescued him last year. I bought two of them against my mom's will. Now everyone here are just traumatized. My mind keep showing me all those memories we had together where he used to cuddle around me and then hide. I just dont know what to do. I can't take it because it's killing me inside. I just want him back 

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I am so so sorry.  I can imagine how traumatic that must have been, finding him.  This, unfortunately is common as kittens love to explore and we just never expect anything like that.

I lost my beloved dog and cat both within the last 11 months, it feels the hardest thing in the world.  The pain's intensity will lessen but it takes time to process the changes, no longer expect them to pop in, etc.  Everything feels a reminder as they're part of your everyday life.  Eventually that fades a bit.  But always, always I will miss them, that part doesn't go away, I've just had to learn to live with it.

I'm sorry also that your mom has COVID and hope she gets better soon.


This video has brought me comfort and peace and I hope it does you too:


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I'm unable to view it for some reason.  Hoping the pain continues to lessen in the days ahead.

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