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Oh my God in Heaven,most ferverent prayers are needed asap,my cousin Brent is in the army and he is on active duty in Iraq,2 days ago we were notified that he was in combat and the tank he was in was blown up with him and 2 others inside,no condition for our Brent did they have at that time,so we prayed and waited,they update us every few hours from his base in Alaska.

lastnight they flew him to Germany for wounds to his legs and face,they couldnt do surgery in Iraq.

So a few minutes ago we were told that he is on a ventilator in critical conditon,and they have had to amputate his right leg. Oh this is too much...........

we cant be there for him until he gets well enough to be flown to washington or Maryland.

all we can do is pray and wait

please join my family and all of Brents friends and pray really really hard for him,we are so scared and hurt.

I was going to post his picture but I cant figure out how to do it on here.

the military has been his dream since he was a little boy,now.well

please pray for him,he needs it so bad



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My dear Candi,

Please know that your precious cousin Brent is in our prayers, and that you are being held in gentle thought and prayer as well.

You may wish to add Brent's name to a prayer circle on the Internet. Here is one place specifically designed for our soldiers in Iraq -- be sure to give the site a minute or two to load, and then scroll down a bit till you come to the links listed there:

Prayers for the Military

See also this beautiful piece: BeliefNet's Prayer Wall for Soldiers

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