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I lost by beloved cat in Friday. He had been ill for a few weeks and I don’t have any regrets about the decision I made, but I’m not coping well.  I live alone and he was around me all of the time for over 7 years. For the last 6 months I’ve been working from home so we were together 24/7. 
Every normal thing I do during the days and multiple places in every room remind me of him. He was my best friend and was always there for cuddles when bad things happened. Now he’s not. The pain of missing him and pining for him is overwhelming and physically hurts. Over the weekend I was distraught and although I’m more stable now I am just so so sad. He was an amazing, beautiful creature. 

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I am so sorry, I know it's very hard.  All the more so during these COVID times.  I remember how I felt losing my beloved soulmate in a dog, Arlie, it's not like we get over it, but more that we learn to live with it and that process takes time so I hope you'll be patient and understanding of yourself during this time.  Absolutely everything at home and places we went is a huge reminder of who I am missing now.  All of our routines are affected as we centered our lives around them.

Is there a way to move to a different office space, even within your house so that it's a different environment than the one you shared with him?  

When you are up to it, maybe you can share a picture of him and some memories, writing them out can be cathartic. 

Mine are here: Memories of Kitty - Loss of a Pet - Grief Healing Discussion Groups

 and here: Memories of Arlie - Page 3 - Loss of a Pet - Grief Healing Discussion Groups

I am so sorry you too are experiencing the pain of losing your beloved cat.  My cat was 25, his liver and kidney shut down, it was definitely time and I didn't want him suffering so had to make that tough decision.  My Arlie had cancer, need I say more.  Kitty was quicker to go, Arlie's I had to watch him going downhill, very hard.  You made the best decision a parent can do when you exchanged his pain for yours.  (((hugs)))

I truly believe we will be with them again and they are out of their pain now.




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