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Hi everyone - nearly 3 weeks ago we lost our chocolate lab Gus to bloat. He was almost 12 with bad hips and attempting surgery was not a good option. I go over and over what I could have done differently that day - one less treat that he wolfed down perhaps or keeping him still. It was a busy week ahead of going on a road trip - he was going to come with us so we could all enjoy some warmth after a couple of weeks in the polar vortex. It’s just so sad. Friday we will be picking up another rescue pup - I miss having a dog too much and he will help make us smile. But the grief is hard. I’ve lost other pets but Gus was my heart dog. Now I regret every moment I didn’t give him the attention he deserved. We adopted Gus when he was 5 after he was rescued from an auction and puppy mill life.

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My last dog got into the dogfood bin and ate most of it until I realized what he was doing.  He hurt so bad he couldn't lay down or sit, I'm 60 miles from the ER Vet and I knew he couldn't do the trip, he was in serious pain and poofed out on his sides.  They told me to walk him as it aids the digestion.  We walked him until midnight (discovered it about 9 pm) and he threw up (they told me not to let him vomit, how do you stop a dog from vomiting?!) and that seemed to help him.  He recovered, I didn't feed him the next day, giving his system a rest.

I am very sorry for your loss...I understand what you mean when you say he was your heart dog, I called Arlie my soulmate in a dog.  I've had ten but losing him to cancer was the hardest of all, I miss him each and every day and it's been 1 1/2 years he's been gone.

My son brought me a puppy 15 months ago and he's literally saved me during this social isolation and grief.  I'm glad you're going for another one, he will benefit and so will you.

The grief is indeed hard.  Allow yourself to feel it when it comes, it's like riding the waves.  

Guilt and regret are normal in grief, most of us experience it.  I regret I didn't get a fence built years sooner, Arlie enjoyed his fenced yard so much the last two years of his life.  I took him on walks and play dates, but he loved the freedom of being outside in his fence!


I hope this short video brings you some comfort and peace.


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Thank you so much for your kind answer. The sadness comes in waves for sure. He was such a good boy. We are in our second day with our new dog and while we very much miss our Gus it is helpful to have a new friend. Take care and thank you for sharing about your dog. I'm so glad you have a new puppy friend as well.

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I wish you well as you embark on this journey with a new dog.  You won't stop missing Gus and will always love him, but it does help to have someone to love and spend time with. ;)


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