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Losing My Son’s Girlfriend

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Hi, new here. My son’s girlfriend passed away a little over three weeks ago. I am numb. I loved her and cannot stop trying to “help” my son. She was a person with an addiction who developed a serious medical condition due to the drug use. She had some medical treatment but refused to get help with the addiction. I believe this led to denial of the serious nature of her medical problems which hastened her death. It’s all so very sad. Seeing my son suffer is terrible. I am just numb over getting through all the day to day. She was estranged from her parents but they were with her at her death. This is a ramble. It’s very complicated and adding addiction on top of the mix just makes it worse. I am tired. Thank you for reading. 

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I am so sorry, for you, your son, her family, this is so hard!  I have lost many people I love, including my sweet husband, and it's never easy, would not wish anyone to go through this.  I pray you'll be a comfort and strength to your son as he is undoubtedly feeling his world just shattered.

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