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Thanks For Removing Offensive Ads


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Thank You for removing the offensive advertisement for a book posted earlier today in the Loss of Spouse...Forum.

I feel safe in this group because it is monitored and offensive material is quickly removed as soon as it is. :)

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And thank you, dear Walt, as well as so many of our other wonderful members, for the part you play in watching over our site. Although I monitor it very carefully, there are times in any given day when I am not present on the site, and I am deeply grateful to all of you for letting me know as soon as you see something amiss. We want to keep this site consistently welcoming and safe for all our members and visitors, so that here we will continue to feel free to authentically express our grief without fear of judgment, isolation or abandonment -- and certainly without being assaulted by irrelevant or inappropriate material such as advertising or spam. Your vigilance conveys individual ownership of and responsibility for this site, and I am so pleased to know that you think of this special place as one that belongs to every single one of us.

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