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Today was the first time that I've ordered groceries without your presence..it wasn't a great experience. 
I feel like I am a ticking timebomb that only you can dismantle 
I honestly lived to be in your presence. I have nothing now. I am nothing 

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Believe me I feel your pain.  I found in John’s notebook grocery lists that made no sense but then realized they were mine - he wrote down all what I needed so we could keep chatting on the phone and I wouldn’t forget anything.  We were separated by Covid - he lived in England I in the US - I get so many email notices from ASDA Parsley Box all these places I would send him goodies from during their lockdown to make sure he didn’t go out and get sick.  It’s just so sad.  It really is bearing the unbearable.  I lost the person I loved giving to the most.  
I’m so sorry you’re doing the “firsts” 

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