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Unrealistically today


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Just realized it will be a year sooner then I want..

I never wanted to be a day.

A day without you was too long,
A rest of life, is just too much.

Everybody wants to silence you,
By silencing me, or insinuating that I've been too talkative..
That I should be "over it" already.

You were never a disease,  illness,  or sickness to recover from.
You are the cure.

Tears, streaming, and racing  thoughts,
Align with the rain.

I hope that you're loved
And/Or in a loving position 

I think about you often and 
Non stop still.
People say too often,
But I say not often enough.
If It were possible to think of you more, i would..
I hope you are okay.
I miss you terribly & tremendously. 

With eyes that are numb
& a heart that's forever broken, 
Our merge and ascension 
Will be soon. 

I can't live
Without you.
So, I'll always 
Carry you.

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