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My Little Old Lady Bug (Cleo)


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Two years ago she left for the meadows. I adopted her on Feb 28 2019, almost a month after my soulmate Beck passed away. She was 17 and I adopted her as a way of coping with losing Beck. I had specifically sought out a senior kitty because I knew not all animals are as lucky as Beck. I know I gave him a wonderful life from start to finish.

Cleo had been thrown out by her owners because she had become ill (kidney disease) and when I saw her profile on a non-profit organization I immediately applied to adopt. She was such a tiny, gentle little soul. I have more pictures than memories. But I remember the little things, like how she would wait expectantly as I folded my laundry and instead of putting my clothes away I would put them back in the basket with a towel on top so she could enjoy the warmth. Or how everyday before I left for work I would fill up a hot water balloon and place it at the foot of the bed so she could fall asleep nice and hot while I was away.

I suppose this is different because I took her in knowing she was coming home to pass away. She lived with me a little over a year and passed away at the old age of 18. It still hurts tho, no matter the circumstances. And every life should be celebrated.

Miss you my little old ladybug.


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OMG, she is such a sweet little kitty!  I love that you adopted her to give her a forever home, I hate that her former people didn't care about her, cats are not trash!  Sometimes we can only hope for karma, I believe it'll come to them in their old age.  As for yours, many blessing to you!  You're a wonderful soul!


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