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Weird (and boring) Dream

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This is a boring post, I realize…but I had a strange dream last night, concerning my wife, I thought I would share. 

Essentially I became engaged again. All I knew is I had a fiancé (who in my dreams was kind of a younger version of my wife). She was petite, incredibly sweet, very femine, loads of class, etc. (My type, I guess.).  I just remember she was young.  

As I was talking to my new fiancé she asked if we had any cooking utensils.  I then said yes, that my wife has a slew of pots and pans I can give her. Then….in my dream I stopped and said “wait, I can’t give you those as they belonged to my wife and she would not like me giving them to you”. I remember my new fiancé being upset about this.   
Then the dream ended. 

Not the most fascinating dream, however my wife loved (absolutely LOVED) to cook and it’s true she has more kitchen “stuff” then I can even fathom. She also made it clear it was “here’s”. In other words “Don’t scratch my pot” or “don’t use my Instapot” etc.  

I can tell you I hardly dream about my wife as ironic as it is.  I sometimes think about her in my dreams (if that makes sense) but think I have only had one or two dreams where we actually have dialogued.  She was upset with me in of them…and I woke up feeling lousy.  

I really wish I could talk to her in a dream because, it could be an experience where we actually communicated. She believed it was possible for passed loved ones to reach the living via dreams, but have not experienced that yet (although I’ve experienced two MUCH MUCH more miraculous, concrete, variants of communication.  That’s all I have. 

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I don't dream about Annette very much, if at all. My dreams are so complex sometimes- she might be in there somewhere. I mentioned that I had one very vivid dream where I really believe it was her visiting me, but only once- Christmas Eve morning 2020.  I often think she's mad at me for something and that's why she doesn't appear in my dreams. I'm always dreaming about old jobs- often involving trying to get people out of a store at closing time. 

I'd love to hear your two experiences, Sad. I'd believe. 


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