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I am back online!


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Hello again, dear ones. My power came back on yesterday (Sunday) and Internet service came on this morning (Monday). I am safe and dry, and very grateful for that. I've been working outside since Hurricane Ian hit this past Wednesday, doing yard work and clearing debris. Lots of wind damage and trees down in my neighborhood, but no structural damage to my home, thank Heaven. My heart hurts for those south of us who are still bearing the brunt of this catastrophic storm. I've certainly learned how much I took for granted things like air conditioning, hot water, taking a shower, eating a hot meal, having ice in my drinking water, and turning on a switch to let there be light in the darkness. My cell phone wouldn't hold a charge for more than 18 hours or so, and of course no TV or Internet service. Only contact with the outside world was a portable battery-operated radio.

I am now in the process of reading all the posts I've missed since this past Tuesday, and ever so grateful to be back in touch with all of you. Blessings to you, and thank you for taking good care of one another in my absence. ❤️  

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