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Never letting go


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The people who were partially responsible for your tragic suffering and demise......


Have made a mockery and as far as I'm concerned....a criminal offense 

In regards to the memory of you.




They want you extinct.

They want you out of existence..



They want us both gone....




We're both removed for ever... already..



They want to hammer the final nail in the coffin...




For, the last week....


Since we have a minor mouse problem that they see as a problem but I will never view a species struggle to adapt and survive and make the best of what life gave them...a problem...




They've been pushing for a cat.



They say this is what you need.



They say it's for the best..




How melancholic, and such paradoxical oxymoronic statements and cruelty...





All I needed was you.



They made us exist at a distance..


I watched you experience some of the cruelest confusing moments of your life ...




We begged and pleaded....


But it cost us our blood.



They ignored. 







I'll never let you go...


And one way or another....



I'll join you s

oon...or endlessly and repetitively die trying to get to you.








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