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They've destroyed yet again.

They've obliterated yet again the very small portion of peace, refugee, and sanctuary that I've ever had in life.

I've had a terrible life, and just three things I was ultimately living for

My Jada, my mini garden/oasis, and taking care of my ailing foster mom that I've lived with since 11..I'm an older lady now....the chances of my life miraculously getting better are slim to none. 

It's not a chance.

Yesterday they were only supposed to be fixing the holes in and out of the house ...instead they.....

Ripped and butchered my beautiful tree full of life and memories out from it's resting spot. They claim it was messing up the concrete and that it was dead anyways.. it's just lies after lies with these people... anything to justify the non justifiable. Anything to kill... Anything to take out what's eating , killing and tormenting themselves alive...deep down inside 

The tree was innocent.
The mud that sand was poured on was innocent.

The grass that sprouting up from the ground was innocent.

The life living under that grass that was poured concrete on was innocent.

You and I existed back there.

You touched everything.

We hide. We hid.

We played. We remained quiet. We thought. 

We were safe.


Everything that you've ever touched my sweet baby girl...

I don't understand why you and I are hated so much. Why people seem to want to seperate us further....

Why are we erasable?

Are you and I never going to be together again??

Is this a foreshadowing of what isn't to ever come??

Look at what was done to us.

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