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All my fault


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It's all my fault..

Now all I have is useless and unresponsive unrecognizable apologies..for the remainder...

I'm a coward and I'm useless...

I should have said something...

I should have done something..

I let Jada down and Oliver. 
I let them down. 

I watched..and I watched silently.

I shouldn't have let them bag you Ollie. I stood right there and didn't say anything. I watched them. I should have rescued you off the streets. I should have rescued your remains. I had time..before they came.

There was time..

I just couldn't see you like that..

I could have finally gotten you a home. 

And Jada...I failed you ...

I failed you both..

It's all my fault.

The only rewind button is in my head ..
And it doesn't work in real life..

I'll be forever rewinding and apologizing...

I'm such a pathetic worthless coward

I'm sorry I failed you both..

If there's an "after"...

I can understand if you two don't want to ever see me again.

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