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I can't


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Here is the point Ollie where I start wrecking my brain trying to figure out what happened...and what happened to you..
You were in one piece ...with nothing leaking or scattered....on the asphalt of no one giving a damn but me....
What happened to you?? 
You never journied nor strayed from the back. You often slept in our yard..
How did you end up in the front??
Was it a dog? Were you hit and someone just took you there and dumped you? Were you grabbed, tortured, and dumped?? 
You were faced like you were trying to get back to me...
Were you?? Why did I know??
Why couldn't I save you???
Why didn't I save you??
Why wasn't it the both of us??
I wish I knew what happened.
Now all that's left is tears and destruction.
It's too much.  It's just too much.
I'm soo sorry Ollie and Jada ..
Im so sorry. It's all my fault. 
All my fault. 

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